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The upper course of the river has many waterfalls and rapids. Most of the crew went ashore. Colman, who had accompanied Hudson on his first voyage, was killed by an arrow shot into his throat, and two more were seriously wounded.

But all aboard survived and soon built two ships to take them to their destination. Hundreds of factories were built around the Hudson, in towns including Poughkeepise, Newburgh, Kingston, and Hudson. At first, the 17 Company directors were impressed by Hudson, but a few were skeptical that he could find a passage through the northern route.

At night the crew found another native village with "a very loving people and very old men and we were well taken care of.

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This made us wonder, but we saw nothing. The crew went ashore again. Attention was concentrated on the West Point area because the river narrowed there, and curved so sharply that, together with winds, tides and current, ships already had to slow to navigate the passage.

Hudson was soon released from his 'arrest' to command the Discovery for his final voyage. The Half Moon doubled the North Cape again, and in a few days saw a part of the western coast of Norway, in the latitude of 68 degrees.

Inthe High Line was opened in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. He lifted anchor and sailed into the bay, passing Staten and Coney Islands by 3 p. But after miles km - and reaching a location near where Albany sits today - he found the river had become too shallow to continue.

Bridge spans this section. They caught and cooked 31 lobster.

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We'll send you the brochure and you remain on our mailing list for future workshops. Webster House can accommodate up to sixty individuals. Lawrence, in Canada, was its northern frontier, and its western boundaries were unexplored and unknown.

By Lenore Person Buried on an island in the Hudson, beneath the brittle body of century old castle walls and thin hair of tangled vines, lie Civil War bayonet scabbards and the ashes of Irish linen bed sheets. This is the remnant of a Scotsman's fortress called Bannerman Castle -- built not as a home, but as an arsenal for his immense collection of weapons.

Hudson River Maritime Museum 50 Rondout Landing Kingston, NY fax: [email protected] The Hudson River Maritime Museum is a (c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the maritime history of the Hudson River, its tributaries, and related industries.

The Hudson River valley is the valley of the Hudson River and its neighboring communities in New York. The Hudson River valley played an important role during the French and Indian war in s and the American Revolutionary war. We also offer workshops in watercolor, oil, pastel, acrylic, and collage.

To request information about these workshops, go to our other website for Hudson River Valley Art Workshops. Follow our blogs for news, artist interviews, recipes from our kitchen and more.

On the West side of the Hudson River, lies beautiful Rockland County. Rockland is a unique mix of scenic Hudson River villages and mountain vistas, hiking trails, active farmland, entertainment, fine dining, shopping, art and theater.

Historic Houses of the Hudson River Valley (Rizzoli Classics) [Gregory Long, Bret Morgan, James Ivory] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Back in print in a newly affordable edition, Historic Houses of the Hudson River Valley showcases a stunning array of three centuries of homes that are distinctive examples of the region's architecture.

Hudson river information
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