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However, some of those who are not morally responsible for having been corrupted are, nevertheless, morally responsible for not now trying to combat their corrupt characters.

A local political boss has insider knowledge of a government dam building project that will necessitate the purchase of certain tracts of land. He did not intend to undermine the process, he did not foresee that the process would be undermined, and he could not reasonably have been expected to foresee that it would be undermined.

The Creation of the American Republic, — This enables us to distinguish not only acts of corruption from acts of corrosion, but also from moral offences that undermine institutional processes and purposes but are, nevertheless, not acts of corruption.

Grant administration scandals

Alexander Hamilton 's fiscal program—with its permanent debt, national bank, and federal subsidies of manufacturing—seemed to confirm the anti-Federalists' worst fears. After the trial, Grant distanced himself from Babcock. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

McLaren "Taxes and Bribery: Despite the significant criticism being heaped on the anti-corruption chief, Lumumba is not without supporters. Marsh, and incumbent contract holder John S. In the latter the issue was not just that George W.

The Effects of Corruption on Business

Treisman Without a Map: United States greatly limited the use of mail-fraud statutes in charging local and state officials with corruption. Before that scandal the probe of Robert G. A study of political economy, New York: Notably, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka stood up to hit back at those attacking his record.

Bellottiand Federal Election Commission v. Problems of Corruption in American Society. Bush won the election but how it was conducted in Florida and other states, damaging the public trust by allowing that the election of the president of the United States was only "politics.

If the public official abuses his function and forces someone to give or promise graft, the prime offender acquires a greater guilt.

When Adams subsequently appointed Clay as his secretary of state, outraged Jacksonians charged that Adams had subverted the will of the people through political intrigue and corruption. This is especially likely in the case of the young and other vulnerable groups who allow themselves to be corrupted, but cannot be expected to realise that their actions, or more likely omissions, would have this consequence.

But for all the theatrics and cases launched by the KACC, none of the major investigations over the past year have amounted to any significant convictions. During the first half of his tenure, it appeared as though Lumumba would deliver on many of his grand promises. Rather his disposition to act honestly has been undermined by himself, and specifically by his desire to please her coupled with his lack of commitment to the ethical and institutional requirements of his institutional role as an accountant.

Five years later, Jefferson's intimate relationship with Sally Hemings, one of his slaves, was exposed, setting off a firestorm of opposition criticism. Consider an official who finds it very hard to refuse bribes but who, nevertheless, tries to avoid opportunities in which he will be offered bribes.

Of course, corruptor and corrupted need not necessarily be the same person, and indeed there need not be both a corruptor and a corrupted; all that is required is that there be a corruptor or a corrupted person. The police officer is compromised, and compromised in a corrupt and intimidating police environment.

The police officer is engaged in corruption, and his corruption has a noble cause, viz. Indeed, the legal prohibition on marriage across the colour bar is in itself a corruption of the institution of marriage. In order to make a hefty profit, he purchases the land in advance so that he may charge the government exorbitant prices to buy the land it needs to complete the dam.

Did you ever have intimation from General Babcock, or anyone else in any manner, directly or indirectly, that any funds for political purposes were being raised by any improper methods.

Those who are corrupted have to some extent, or in some sense, allowed themselves to be corrupted; they are participants in the process of their corruption.

Missouri Revenue Agent John A. Accordingly, he supplements his income by accepting bribes from certain households in a wealthy area in return for providing additional surveillance and thus greater protection from theft; this has the consequence that other wealthy households tend to suffer a somewhat higher level of theft than otherwise would be the case.

Lessons to be learned from Western Europe, Aldershot: In relation to the concept of institutional corruption, the second hypothesis states as a necessary condition that an action is corrupt only if it has the effect of undermining an institutional process or of subverting an institutional purpose or of despoiling the character of some role occupant qua role occupant.

This is an act of corruption; specifically, it is corruption of the electoral process. University of California Press. Consider a police officer who fabricates evidence, but who is a member of a police service whose members have always fabricated evidence.

Journal of Comparative Economics, vol. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CORRUPTION LITERATURE Compiled by M. Shamsul Haque and Muhadjir Darwin Abueva, Jose V. "The Contribution of Nepotism, Spoils and Graft to Graft and Corruption, Red Tape and Inefficiency in Government." Report for the President's Center for Special Studies, Manila, mimeo, June 10, Diosdado Macapagal: Diosdado Macapagal, reformist president of the Philippines from to After receiving his law degree, Macapagal was admitted to the bar in During World War II he practiced law in Manila and aided the anti-Japanese resistance.

After the war he worked in a law firm and in served as. Political machines need to exist, and they need to work. No one understood this better than the street-smart political sage George Washington Plunkitt, who articulated the concept of honest graft.

Political corruption and scandals have been recurring themes throughout American history. From Samuel Argall's plundering of the Virginia Company in the early seventeenth century to the Credit Mobilier, Watergate, and countless lesser scandals, each generation of Americans has had its share of public officials who were charged with abusing their positions in the pursuit of money, power, or both.

analytical insight (on for instance whether political corruption in the US is personal or systemic in nature). Della Porta, Donatella & Mény, Ives. 1 Bibliography on Corruption and Anti-Corruption. Professor Matthew C. Stephenson. Harvard Law School.

Bibliography of graft and corruption
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